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This is Kiriyawave from Youtube and this is my DA account.

Future/Upcoming LeafeonLive Season Reviews:
1)Nickinor2's TPA
2)TotalPokemonIsland World Tour(When it concludes)

Future/Upcoming LeafeonLive Episodic Reviews:
1)CrystalZoura1's Total Pokemon Action Episode 1
2) DatDurant's TPI Episode 2
3) Fragbunny's Total Pokemon Adventure Island Episode 1

Future/Upcoming LeafeonLive TPI Rants:


PWR Volume 120-130 by DarkWolfWavius

The final 3 episodes will be released in August.

Here are the titles:

Pokemon World Revolution Episode 129:Final Battle(Part 2 of 3)
Pokemon World Revolution Episode 130:Final Battle(Part 3 of 3)
Pokemon World Revolution Episode 131:End of the Cycle and Birth of the new Cycle!(Series Finale)

I am really excited to end this series after 6+ years of doing it. But PWR isn't over yet, there is still the reboot available on my wiki and I may or not talk about it in my TPI Reviews/Rants :P

Thank you to those who supported/ helped me during the production of this series and here's to the future :)
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Earth, Fire, Air, Water. These are the four elements that make up the planet Earth and allow its inhabitants to survive.

But on one of these Earth’s, Some are able to bend these elements to their whim because their ancestors had mutated DNA that changed their bodies so much that it gifted them unique abilities that could either help the world or end it.

But not everyone on this planet has abilities to bend the elements. Some people have more, practical abilities. One of these people is Susan.Magex, the red haired daughter of a tall brown haired man named Eddie and a medium-sized woman with blond hair named Jessie.

Eddie had the ability to copy people’s abilities, while Jessie had the ability to talk to any creature that wasn’t as intelligent as humans.

As Susan grew up however, her parents noticed that their daughter wasn’t able to use any of their abilities. They were confused about this since everyone else they knew had abilities, but their daughter didn’t seem to have any.

They attempted to take her to a doctor when she was 4 to find out what was wrong with her, but the doctor told them that she was fine. As time went on, they continued to train with their daughter and tried to see if she would unlock her abilities, but it didn’t work.

And as for Susan, she didn’t feel miserable about this issue, but rather confused about it. Outside of their training sessions however, her parents raised her without any issues and clearly expressed care and affection for their child.

By the time she entered school, life seemed normal for her. She occasionally had to deal with bullies, but she also had a lot of friends thanks to her happy go lucky personality, who could also help her if she had any issue her parents couldn’t help her with. But as the years went on, Susan began to slowly develop an inferiority complex due to her not being able to use any abilities that her friends and family were able to do. As such, she felt like she couldn’t accomplish as much and this also caused her to go into a depression.

Her parents quickly noticed this and tried to help her, but nothing they did seemed to work. They tried a therapist, they tried to cheer her up, but nothing worked. As Susan fell deeper and deeper into a depression, the bullying also increased and unlike before when her friends could help, she slowly began to isolate herself from them.

This all eventually culminated one day in 9th grade when she was walking home. She got jumped near a Local Rec Center by some local bullies that were picking on her earlier that day and she got the tar beaten out of her. As she was leaning against a concrete wall covered in her own blood and with wounds all over, she thought she was going to die and got scared. And as the leader of the bullies got ready to punch her in the stomach one more time, she closed her eyes in horror. But as the bully hit her stomach, she felt blood going down her shirt but didn’t feel any pain. As she slowly opened her eyes, she saw what had happened. The blood that was going down her shirt was from the leader of the bullies’ fist.

As the bullies retreated before the police showed up, Susan lost her footing and hit the ground. As she held her left arm in pain however, her eyes widened at the sight. Her right arm was the same color as the concrete she was holding. It took her a few minutes to put two and two together but she eventually realized what happened. She was able to mimic the properties of the Concrete by simply touching it. After realizing this however, her arm returned to normal a few seconds before she lost consciousness.

She woke up a few hours later in the hospital covered in bandages. As she tried to analyze what happened, a doctor came in and told her that after the police showed up, they called an Ambulance due to how severe the blood loss was. The doctor also says that she will make a full recovery in a couple days. As he leaves the room, Susan feels good that she survived that encounter and also felt proud of herself for unlocking her ability after so long.

After a couple of days, she was let go from the hospital and returned home. After that, she returned to training with her family and slowly returned to her happy go lucky personality. During the next couple years, she slowly began to figure out her powers more and more, such as her being able to copy someone’s abilities or the properties of an inanimate object and combine it with her current strength, while also discovering the limits of said abilities such as only being able to use it for about 10 minutes, and when it comes to copying someone’s abilities, the person has to be okay with it first.

But when she wasn’t training, she also spent some of her free time either caring for animals at her mother’s animal shelter or talking with some of her friends on Skype. Some of her new friends she made from Skype included those from Canada, such as The Mounty, or people like Fawn. While it was weird for her to talk to people thousands of kilometers away, they did share similar interests as her and seemed to be about her age. But she felt that in order to protect her identity, she decided to give herself a different name on Skype. The Shiny Coordinator.

By the time she graduated high school, she had decided to be an animal care-taker due to how much she loved taking care of animals. But while she was attending College and getting her G.E.D, she got a part-time job in her town’s government building creating videos to help advertise the town to potential citizens who wish to move there.

And while she wishes that she could accomplish more with life, Susan seems content with her current life and is looking forward to the future.
A Mimic(Shiny.Coordinator Origin Story)
Since the last story seemed to do well, I decided to give The Mounty's friend an origin story.

Let me know what you think of this and if you have any issues with the story, let me know about them as well =D (Big Grin)

But ya :P (Lick)
(Stupid character limit for Titles T_T)

Hello everyone and welcome to another rant. Today I will be talking about Bi-sexual, Homosexual, and Trans-Gender/Sexual characters in a TPI.

Now before I begin, let me ask you guys a question. Can you give a Pokemon a Personality or traits that makes them into a Character?

If you answered yes, then congratulations, you just made a Bi-sexual, Homosexual, or Trans-Gender/Sexual character :D

Believe it or not, writing these kinds of characters for a TPI is actually pretty easy since you can still give them an interesting personality and all you'd have to change if all you want to do is make a Reality Show with little focus on plot, is the gender of their love interest(if they have any).

However, if you want to write this kind of character and give them an arc based around their sexuality/gender identity issue, it's not that simple.

Now in my opinion, I'm getting a little tired of the story arcs where this certain character hides their sexuality because they fear that people will hate him. The reason why I am getting a little tired of this is because of two reasons.

1) Nothing is really done to make it stand out in comparison to other people's TPIs. They all feel the same and almost always have the same "Oh okay" style of resolution.

2) This one is more personal, but why should it affect some of the contestants in a negative way if a character is gay/bi? It's like "oh noes, he/she likes the same sex! This totally affects my opinion on the guy despite the fact that nothing else is different aside from their personal choice of love".

And then there's the cases where people use someone's confession of their sexuality against them to advance themselves further in the game. This is fucking bullshit.

Using someone's sexuality against them is like using someone's mental disorder against them. It's a taboo and when I see it happen in a TPI, I'm not hating on the character. Instead, my hatred is redirected at the writer for thinking this was a good idea!

But back on topic, I'm not against having the idea of a character arc based around their sexuality/gender identity issues, but if you do decide to make one, please be careful with it as well as try and make it stand out from the rest in the case of Homosexual Character Arcs.

That concludes my opinion piece on this.

But what is your opinion on this? Let me know in the comments below and take care ;)
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Today, :iconzutzucrobat55: uploaded a Finisher Video regarding the final season of his TPI Series: Andy X Challenge. Since I initially watched this show from the beginning, I wanted to rank all 5 seasons from the worst to best and give my opinions on each of them.

Note: When it comes to Season 5, I will be referring to the Finisher and not the actual Season, so if there's supposed to be more of an explanation that didn't get into the Finisher, then I apologize.

Now with all that said, let's begin.
Ranking System: F,D,C,B,A

F: AXC Season 5: Heroes vs Villains

How fitting is it that the entry that starts this whole thing off is the season that didn't even finish?

But as tempting as it is that I could bring up that fact and call it a day, Season 5 has a fuck-ton more problems with it based on the Finisher that was provided.

While I do applaud the man for doing something more unique with the season by not having him copy the style of Total Drama and trying to make it more original, this ultimately results in the challenges feeling more unoriginal and rehashed when compared to the seasons before it.

IE: Episode 1's challenge being a copy of a challenge in Season 3, the swimsuit challenge feels too similar to the Friends with Benefit challenge from PLHH,etc.

But the problem with this show being unfinished is that the only details we have for this show is the Wiki or the Finisher Video. As such, there's no further details on what would've happened in between certain events and it makes it difficult to judge properly.

The only reason I am talking about it here is because it technically counts as the final season of the show and as such, I have to count it as a season.

D: AXC: Season 3: USA
If I could compare the 3rd Season of AXC to a film, that film would be Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines.

While this season does have a lot of the old stuff that made the first two seasons good, the new stuff is so bad it makes the show flop faster than a Magikarp using Splash.

For example: While characters like Espeon and Magneton, and to a lesser extent Rapidash,  have unique character traits never seen before in a TPI, their execution is either really poor(Jenna) or makes these traits feel incredibly worthless to have(see Espeon's other traits as well as Magneton)

But even ignoring stuff like character traits, a lot of the characters in this season feel either incredibly pointless or just overall bland.
IE: Pancham, Volcarona, Flareon, Tropius, Snorlax, Arcanine, Drifblim, and even Electivire to an extent.

Sure character bits like Manectric's confessing his sexuality and Noivern's backstory were good, but those positives don't make up for a lot of stuff I didn't like about the season overall.

Another issue I have is an issue I have with a lot of Telly's shows, his gameplay elements. Ignoring the gaps in logic at several points in the series, this season also contains a lot of stupid elements like the blackmail that ultimately didn't add up to much by the time that plot-point ended, as well as Magneton trying to be a threatening villain.

Overall, much like Terminator 3, I feel that this sequel should've stayed in that vat of metal.

C: AXC Season 4: Revenge of Stick Figure Island

In the interest of fairness, this season was very close to being ranked a B. And by close, I mean Patrick Ivuti and Jaouad Gharib Chicago Marathon levels of close.

Season 4 has a much better cast when compared to the previous season, better challenges, better romance elements and to an extent, better character moments and gameplay elements.

Favorite Characters: Chandell, Drapion, Chandy(to an extent), Vibrava.

In fact the only characters I really hated were either Yanma, or the villains of this season, so that's an accomplishment right there :P

Overall, good season but not good enough to be any higher.

B: AXC Season 1

The one that started it all, the very first Season of AndyXChallenge had a great cast of characters, good challenges, decent villains, and even decent gameplay elements.

I also liked a lot of the challenges in this season and I thought a lot of them were unique when compared to other TPI's that I was watching at the time.

Plus, as I said above, I also liked a lot of the characters in this one. Some of my favorites include Nidoking, Delcatty(before she got Sakura'd), Camerupt, and Absol.

I also felt a lot of the character traits were more unique than previous seasons. Such as the Comic Geek who's more than a geek, the adrenaline junkie with a big heart, etc.

Overall, great season.

A: AXC Season 2: Anime Insanity
My favorite season of the AXC series is the 2nd season.

As a sequel should do, this season develops a lot of the characters from the first season and they become more interesting as a result. Examples include: Tropius, Nidoking, Electivire, and Absol. I didn't even like Tropius that much in the first season, so seeing her develop into a more interesting character makes me appreciate this season even more.

I was also entertained by the interesting challenges this show had that were based off of Anime. On top of that, this season also had a lot of good comedic bits sprinkled throughout, such as the Team Four Star challenge, the Nidoking Dream Scene, etc.

And while I do have some issues with the Gameplay of this season, including gaps in logic, it wasn't bad enough to make me this show overall.

So to close this out, if Season 3 was Terminator 3, then Season 2 would be Terminator 2 :3

This concludes my little ranking journal, what was your rankings of all 5 seasons of AXC? Let me know :P

Take care.

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BeekerMaroo777 Pony Sprite by DarkWolfWavius
BeekerMaroo777 Pony Sprite
A while back, I made some ponies from scratch. As such, I decided to make one for :iconbeekermaroo777: .
PWR Volume 120-130 by DarkWolfWavius

The final 3 episodes will be released in August.

Here are the titles:

Pokemon World Revolution Episode 129:Final Battle(Part 2 of 3)
Pokemon World Revolution Episode 130:Final Battle(Part 3 of 3)
Pokemon World Revolution Episode 131:End of the Cycle and Birth of the new Cycle!(Series Finale)

I am really excited to end this series after 6+ years of doing it. But PWR isn't over yet, there is still the reboot available on my wiki and I may or not talk about it in my TPI Reviews/Rants :P

Thank you to those who supported/ helped me during the production of this series and here's to the future :)
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