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Diancie(Pokemon) by DarkWolfWavius
Here is a sketch I made :P (Lick)

Pokemon is owned by Game Freak/Nintendo.

Enjoy =D (Big Grin)   
Mega Gallade by DarkWolfWavius
Mega Gallade
Here is a sketch I made :P

Pokemon is owned by Game Freak/Nintendo.

Enjoy =D    
Contest Arena

"Hello everyone , and welcome to the final match of the third round. To my left is May from Petalburg City and to my right is Jessalena!"

"Good luck, Jessalena!" May said with a smile on her face.

Jessalena then smirked in response. "Thank you May. Best of luck to you as well."

Marian proceeded to spin the wheel in a clockwise motion. "This match will be a Double Battle. So let's begin!"

"Delcatty, Blaziken, let's go." She then threw her Pokeballs into the air as her Pokémon appeared in the arena.

Jessalena then reached into her pockets and pulled out two Pokeballs. "Jellicent, Miyamoto, it's time to begin." She then threw her Pokeballs into the air as her Jellicent and Froslass appeared in the arena.

Once the four Pokemon appeared in the arena, the match began.

"Delcatty, use Sing. Blaziken, use Flamethrower!"

"Jellicent, use Rain Dance, Miyamoto, use Icy Wind!"

Delcatty started the match by aiming her Sing Attack at the ceiling, while Blaziken aimed his Flamethrower at the Sing attack, combining with it to create flaming Musical Notes all over the arena.

Following May's attack, Miyamoto aimed her Icy Wind at the ceiling as well, while Jellicent combined her Rain Dance attack with Miyamoto's Icy Wind attack to create spears made out of ice that slashed through May's attack.

As May's point total decreased, rain started to appear in the arena as a result of Jellicent's Rain Dance. I got to get rid of that Rain Dance and quick.

May then issued her next command to her Pokémon. "Delcatty, use Assist! Blaziken, use Flamethrower!"

"Jellicent, use Ominous Wind! Miyamoto, use Thunder!"

Delcatty complied with her trainer's request and used her Assist attack, resulting in Delcatty using Venusaur's move: Sunny Day, which not only stopped the rain but it also increased Blaziken's Flamethrower attack. Jellicent tried to use Ominous Wind, but was blinded by the Sunlight and Froslass tried firing her Thunder attack but it missed and ended up taking damage from Blaziken's Flamethrower.

As Jessalena's point total decreased, Jessalena and May issued their next commands.

"Delcatty, use Faint Attack. Blaziken, use Blaze Kick!"

"Jellicent, use Water Spout. Miyamoto, use Leer!"

Delcatty started off by aiming her Faint Attack at Jellicent, but as she hit the Jellyfish Pokemon, Jellicent hit Delcatty with enough pressure to crack concrete and as a result, it sent Delcatty into the ceiling as Jellicent was sent into a wall because of Delcatty's Faint Attack.

As Blaziken charged towards Miyamoto with Blaze Kick, Miyamoto tried to slow Blaziken down with Leer but to no effect, and as a result she was sent into the wall.

As both Coordinators' point totals decreased, Delcatty hit the ground hard.

May had a look of concern on her face but proceeded to ask Jessalena a question. "Jessalena, what is Water Spout? I never heard of it."

Jessalena then responded. "Water Spout is a Water type attack that gets stronger the more health you have for your Pokemon. Since Jellicent didn't take any damage before your attack, it would cause maximum damage to your Delcatty. Combine that with Jellicent's type of Water and Ghost and you got a deadly ghost Jellyfish facing down your cat."

May then let out a deep sigh and issued her next command. "Blaziken, use Blaze Kick!"

"Miyamoto, use Icy Wind! Jellicent, use Ominous Wind!"

As Blaziken charged towards Jessalena's Pokemon, May noticed her Delcatty getting back up but was showing signs of exhaustion as she charged towards Jellicent.

Despite Miyamoto's attempt to freeze Blaziken, Blaziken managed to avoid the attack and hit Miyamoto from the side with Blaze Kick, sending her into Jellicent and resulting in both Pokemon missing their attacks.

As Jessalena's point total decreased, both of her Pokemon got back up but were showing signs of exhaustion.

"It's time to end this. Delcatty, use Giga Impact! Blaziken, use Flamethrower!"

"Agreed. Jellicent, use Ominous Wind. Froslass, use Shadow Ball!"

Despite her injuries, Delcatty was able to muster enough strength to perform the Giga Impact attack, while Blaziken used his Flamethrower attack to combine with Giga Impact to form Dragon Fire Impact, which looked like a Chinese Dragon covered in flames as well as a black aura surrounding it as a result of the flames.

While Miyamoto fired her Shadow Ball attack at the huge dragon with Jellicent assisting by using Ominous Wind on the Shadow Ball, creating winds so powerful it could blow the skin off of a human body.

When the two attacks collided, the Dragon Fire Impact overpowered the attack with ease and hit the two Ghost Pokemon directly, sending them into a wall just as Marian was about to stop the match.


After Marian finished her sentence, Delcatty's Dragon Fire Impact attack stopped but 25% of Delcatty's fur was singed as a result.

"The winner is May!"

The audience cheered with applause as both Coordinators returned their Pokémon to their Pokeballs.

Afterwards, May and Jessalena walked to the center of the stage to give each other a handshake. May then decided to break the ice. "Great job Jessalena, that was a great match."

Jessalena then smirked in response. "Thank you Twir- I mean May. Sorry, I stopped using that nickname years ago. You were a great opponent May and I hope to face you again in the future."

May smiled in response to Jessalena's statement. "Likewise, but their has been something bothering me since we started the match. Miyamoto's Pokeball looks really old. Where did you get that ball?"

Jessalena reached into her pocket to find Miyamoto's Pokemon and pull it out to show May that the ball contains a couple tiny cracks, parts of the paint is chipped and it looks to be in horrible conditions. "This is my mother's Memento to me. A long time ago, I went to a mountain range in Kanto and I found a Froslass roaming around holding one of my mother's Pokeballs. When I confronted it, she gave me the ball and insisted that I catch it, which I did and I've nicknamed it Miyamoto because of that."

May then responded. "Interesting. Well good luck in the future."

"Likewise May, good luck in the Semi-Finals."

As Jessalena left the arena, May was ordered to stay on stage as the other 3 competitors walked on to said stage.

Once Marian turned her microphone back on, she began to speak.

"Congratulations to our final 4 Coordinators! Now it's time to announce who will be facing who in the Semi-Finals!"

"The first match will be Dawn vs Zoey! The second match will be David vs May!"

"See you then!"
Ultimate Coordinator Chapter 28
Chapter 28 of the Ultimate Coordinator is now released :D (Big Grin)

Pokemon is owned by Nintendo
Contest Arena

"Hello everyone and welcome to the third match of the third round. To my left is Suzy from Blackthorn City, and to my right is Blackthorn City's Black Greninja!"

Marian proceeded to spin the wheel in a counter-clockwise motion. "This match will be a Double Battle. So let's begin!"

Suzy then proceeded to pull out her traditional rifle and aim it at her opponent. "Krookodile and Lucario, let's go." She then pulled the trigger on her rifle to make her two Pokémon appear in the arena.

The Black Greninja then reached into his suit and pulled out two Luxury Balls. "Gardevoir and Gallade, it's time to begin." He then threw his Pokeballs into the air as his Pokémon appeared in the arena.

Once the four Pokemon appeared in the arena, the match began.

"Gardevoir, use Protect. Gallade, use Psycho Cut."

"Krookodile, use Taunt. Lucario, use Earthquake!"

Gallade started the match by jumping into the air and launching his Psycho Cut attack at Lucario, while Gardevoir tried to use Protect but was stopped by Krookodile's Taunt. Lucario then slammed his fists into the ground to create the Earthquake, which stopped Gallade's attack and hit Gardevoir hard.

As Gallade landed on the ground, Black Greninja's point total decreased. So it seems that this girl is rehashing the plan she used against Solidad. I guess it's time to take out that Crocodile.

As Black Greninja was thinking of his next plan, Suzy gave her commands. "Krookodile, Bulk Up. Lucario, use Swords Dance."

"Gallade, use Psycho Cut. Gardevoir, use Moonblast."

As Krookodile prepared his Bulk Up attack, Lucario jumped on Krookodile's head and combined his Swords Dance attack with Krookodile's Bulk Up attack to give them both the stat boost. Meanwhile, Gardevoir fired her Moonblast attack to the ceiling where Gallade slashes it apart with his Psycho Cut attack and creates an array of lights in the arena as a result.

As both Coordinators point totals decrease, Suzy decides to go on the offensive. "Lucario, use Earthquake. Krookodile, use Aerial Ace."

"Perfect. Gardevoir, use Psychic."

As Lucario slammed his fists into the ground, Krookodile charged at Gallade with Aerial Ace. As Gardevoir used Psychic on the Earthquake, it created a lot of dust in the arena due to the arena shaking and made it somewhat difficult to see. But as Krookodile hit Gallade with Aerial Ace, Suzy heard The Black Greninja issue a command. "Gardevoir, use Moonblast!"

As Krookodile was trying to figure out where Gardevoir was, Gardevoir fired her Moonblast attack at Krookodile's back, sending the Pokemon into a wall as the dust began to clear.

While both Coordinators' point totals decreased once again, Krookodile got back up and re-joined with his partner Pokemon while Gallade was panting from the Aerial Ace attack.

"Lucario, use Aura Sphere! Krookodile, use Earthquake!"

"Gardevoir, use Protect. Gallade, use Brick Break!"

As Krookodile slammed his tail hard into the ground to create the Earthquake, Lucario jumped into the air and charged up two Aura Spheres in his paws to throw into the cracks in the ground created from the earlier Earthquake attacks. Once those two landed, Lucario charged up another two Aura Sphere's and threw them into the cracks once more.

As Gallade charged at Krookodile with his Brick Break attack, he saw Lucario dashing at Gardevoir with Iron Tail and tried to stop him, but was unable to because due to one of the Aura Spheres in the ground, and the Earthquake itself slowing down his movements.

As Gardevoir put up her Protect, Lucario hit the shield with his Iron Tail attack, creating a shockwave in the arena. Despite Gardevoir's Protect going up, Lucario was able to continue the attack until Protect dissipated and managed to land a direct hit on Gardevoir's head, causing her to fall over from the impact and suffer the effects of Earthquake.

But as Gardevoir fell over, one of the Aura Spheres from the Earthquake hit Black Greninja's mask and caused it to shatter.

As the dust cleared, Black Greninja's point total took a heavy decrease as his identity was revealed to be a man with straight brown hair looking at the ground. "So it looks like you did it after all Suzy. You managed to shatter my mask." The man then tilted his head up and Suzy saw who he really was. "David!"

As David smirked, he pulled out a pocket watch from his jacket and pressed the DNA symbol on it. "We have little time for formalities Suzy, it's time to continue!" After pressing the button, Gardevoir then transformed into Mega Gardevoir.

After witnessing the transformation, Suzy sighed. "Fine then, let's finish this. Krookodile, use Taunt. Lucario, use Earthquake."

"Gallade, use Protect. Gardevoir, use Moonblast."

As Lucario prepared for his attack, Gallade jumped in front of Gardevoir and used Protect to shield the two Pokemon as Krookodile's Taunt hit Gallade instead while Gardevoir used Moonblast and fired it at Suzy's Pokemon by jumping into the air.

As Lucario and Krookodile got back up from that attack, Suzy's point total decreased. "Fine then, Lucario, use Iron Tail. Krookodile, use Earthquake."

"Gallade, use Brick Break. Gardevoir, use Moonblast once again."

As Lucario dashed at Mega Gardevoir, Gallade charged at Lucario with Brick Break, while Gardevoir and Krookodile launched their attacks at the other. Lucario noticed that Gallade was charging towards him and decided to jump in the air to avoid Gallade's attack, but Gallade noticed that and proceeded to do the same.

As Mega Gardevoir was preparing to launch her Moonblast attack, Krookodile slammed his tail into the ground and launched his Earthquake attack which caused her to take damage. But after a few seconds, Mega Gardevoir launched the attack at Krookodile and despite his attempts to dodge; Moonblast ended up hitting the Pokémon and threw him into a wall before the effects of the Earthquake sent Mega Gardevoir into a wall as well.

When Lucario tried to avoid Gallade once again, Gallade hit him in the chest with Brick Break. As Lucario reeled back from the pain, Lucario used his two paws to grab Gallade by the chest and throw him into the ground hard where Gallade suffered the effects of Earthquake.

As Lucario landed on the ground, the effects of the Brick Break took its toll and Lucario fainted as a result. Although Gallade managed to get up from the Earthquake/ getting thrown into the ground, Gallade collapsed shortly after and fainted, leaving Krookodile and to fight.

"Krookodile, Aerial Ace."

"Gardevoir, Moonblast!"

But as both Pokémon charged up their attacks, Marian turned on her microphone and began speaking. "Time!"

Both Pokemon proceeded to stop their attacks as Marian walked to the center of the arena. "This one was close, but the winner is Black Greninja, err David!"

As the audience looked on in shock, both Coordinators went to return their Pokémon to their Pokeballs before walking to the center of the arena. Suzy looked into David's eyes and proceeded to ask a question. "Why? Why do you need the costume?"

David crossed his arms before answering. "Because I want to make Coordinator's think. Regardless, the match is over and you did a good job. No one has been able to knock my mask off before and I have to give you credit where credit is due."

Before Suzy continued, she let out a sigh. "Fine. I lost the match, so I will take the high road and wish you luck in the semi-finals."

David uncrossed his arms and smiled. "Thanks Suzy. Good luck in your future endeavours as a Coordinator, you certainly have gotten better since our old school days."

As Suzy smiled, she walked away from the arena as David returned to the Waiting Room.

Waiting Room

When David returned to the Waiting Room, he saw that May and Zoey had surprised looks on their faces, which caused David to tilt his head in confusion. "Was it really that surprising?" David then proceeded to take a seat as he waited for the next match to begin.

As Jessalena walked down the hallway for her match to begin, May snapped out of it and walked down the hallway to face her next opponent while Zoey returned to her seat.
Ultimate Coordinator Chapter 27
Chapter 27 of the Ultimate Coordinator is now released :D (Big Grin)

Pokemon is owned by Nintendo
Contest Arena

"Hello everyone and welcome to the second match of the third round. To my left is Zoey from Snowpoint City, and to my right is LaRoussse City's Drew!"

Marian proceeded to spin the wheel in a counter-clockwise motion. "This match will be a Single Battle. So let's begin!"

Zoey then proceeded to reach into her pocket and pull out a Pokeball. "Glameow, let's go." She then threw her Pokeball into the air as her Pokémon appeared in the arena.

After Zoey's Glameow appeared on the field, Drew pulled out a Pokeball from his jacket and called out his Pokemon. "Flygon, it's your time!" After calling out his Pokemon, the Pokeball opened up and his Pokemon appeared in the arena.

After both Pokemon appeared, the timer appeared on screen and the match began.

"Glameow, use Shadow Claw!"

"Flygon, use Sandstorm!"

As Glameow charged at the Dragon type, Flygon flapped its wings and created a sandstorm in the arena, making it hard for Glameow to see. "Glameow, stop your attack." Glameow complied with its trainer's request as her claw returned to normal.

While Zoey prepared for her counter-attack, Drew issued his next command to Flygon. "Flygon, use Dragonbreath!" As Flygon opened its mouth, Zoey had an idea. "Glameow, use Iron Tail!" When Flygon fired his Dragonbreath attack at Glameow, it mixed in with the sand and created a Dragonbreath with the Ground type added to the attack. But as it got closer, Glameow spun its Iron Tail around in a circular motion, kicking up some of the sand and mixing with Glameow's Iron Tail attack. When Glameow saw the Dragonbreath attack, Glameow jumped into the air and launched the "Sandstorm Tail" at the Dragonbreath. When both attacks collided, the Dragonbreath overpowered Glameow's attack and Glameow was hit by the Dragonbreath, sending it into the ground.

As Zoey's point total decreased and as Glameow started to get back up, Drew issued his next command. "Flygon, use Flamethrower!" As Flygon opened his mouth again, Zoey issued her next command to Glameow. "Glameow, use Shadow Claw." Glameow then proceeded to charge at Flygon with two Shadow Claws as Flygon fired his attack. But this time, when the Flamethrower got close, Glameow jumped into the air and avoided the Flamethrower. As Drew and Flygon were trying to figure where Glameow was, Glameow managed to find Flygon and hit him in the back with Play Rough. As Flygon hits the ground hard, Drew's point total decreases.

"Good job Glameow." As Zoey smirked, Drew was shocked. How could that Glameow learn a Fairy type attack? As Flygon got back up, the Sandstorm dissipated making it easier for the two Coordinators to see their Pokémon.

"Glameow, use Iron Tail!" "Flygon, use Dragonbreath!"

As Glameow charged up its tail, Flygon fired his Dragonbreath attack at the cat Pokemon. Glameow jumped into the air to avoid the attack, but Flygon tilted his head upwards and managed to hit Glameow in the face. But before Glameow hit the ground, it used its Iron Tail attack as a twister and redirected the Dragonbreath attack back at Flygon, causing super-effective damage.

While both Coordinators' point totals decreased, Glameow began to show signs of exhaustion, while Flygon was barely tired. "Flygon, use Sandstorm!"

After hearing Drew issue his command, Zoey knew what she had to do. I have to stop Drew's Flygon from launching that Sandstorm. If it goes off, it will be a repeat of what happened earlier. "Glameow, use Shadow Claw!" Glameow charged at Flygon with a Shadow Ball on its paws, but Flygon was dodging each and every one of its attacks while also flapping its winds to create the sandstorm. Glameow then proceeded to jump into the air and not only land on Flygon's head but also hit his wings with Shadow Claw, stopping the Sandstorm.

While Flygon was trying to shake Glameow off, Drew's point total decreased. Glameow continued to hit Flygon's wings with Shadow Claw for a few seconds until Flygon was finally able to pull Glameow off of him and throw the cat into the air. "Now Flygon, use Superpower!" Flygon let out his cry and dashed towards Glameow. As Glameow tried to get itself to stop spinning, the cat Pokemon noticed Flygon charging at it and was waiting for Zoey to give a command. "Glameow, use Play Rough!" Glameow nodded its head and charged at Flygon.

Before the two collided, Flygon put his fists in front of his body while Glameow proceeded to do the same. As Flygon hit Glameow with Superpower, Glameow punched Flygon hard in the face with Play Rough. As both Pokemon were freefalling, Glameow dashed towards Flygon and grabbed onto him. "Flygon, use Flamethrower!" As Flygon opened his mouth, Zoey gave a command to her Glameow. "Glameow, use Shock Wave!" Glameow then decided to aim its tail at Flygon's mouth as Glameow fired its Shock Wave attack while Flygon fired his Flamethrower attack.

As both Pokemon took damage from the combinated attack, they hit the ground hard as the two attacks exploded and created fireworks for the audience.

After the dust cleared, Marian proceeded to speak into the microphone. "Time!"

As both Coordinator's turn their attention to Marian, she proceeds to announce the winner. "Oh boy this was a close match. But by a one point difference, the winner is Zoey!"

As the audience roared with applause, both Coordinators went to go return their Pokémon to their Pokeballs before returning to the center of the arena to give the regular handshake. Zoey held out her hand and smiled. "Great job Drew, it could have gone either way." Drew then smirked and accepted the handshake. "Thanks Zoey, good luck in the semi-finals and tell May I wish her luck."

As Zoey nods her head to Drew's request, Drew walks out of the arena as Zoey returns to the waiting room.

Waiting Room

When Zoey returned to the waiting room, she was greeted by Dawn. "Great job Zoey." Zoey then responded. "Thanks Dawn, now we have a chance for that rematch."

As Zoey and Dawn return to their seats, Suzy and The Black Greninja get up and wait near the TV screen for their names to be called.

The Black Greninja proceeds to break the ice with Suzy. "So Suzy-Q, it looks like we face each other next."

Suzy then proceeds to grit her teeth and point a small pistol at Black Greninja's head. "No one calls me that nickname and gets away with it. So how bout you shut up before I hit you with this Tranquilizer bullet."

The Black Greninja lowers the pistol and looks directly into Suzy's eyes. "If you want to shut me up, you will have to defeat me in battle and remove my mask."

Suzy then smirked before putting her pistol away. "Fine then, I will remove that mask of yours Tobi."

They glared at each other for a few moments before they were called down for their match.
Ultimate Coordinator Chapter 26
Chapter 26 of the Ultimate Coordinator is now released :D (Big Grin)

Pokemon is owned by Nintendo



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This is Kiriyawave from Youtube and this is my DA account ^_^

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Got this from :iconhewylewis:

Better to be safe than sorry!

The hacker does vital region pictures around in the account page and writes in journals: "I hate you all, go die" And he will also remove all your watches.

If this happens to me, then you know that it isn't me. I write this journal to warn everyone here. I suggest you copy this journal and warn your watchers as well. I think the hackers will not have more fun with hacking you if you and your watchers already know what could happen.

You might get this message multiple times from multiple people of your watch list, but it's better then not getting it.

Spread the word!

This hacker is going around and hacking into other people's accounts to block your friends so that your friends block you, get you in trouble, and could get you banned from DeviantART. If you get this warning, copy and paste this into your Journal and spread this to everyone.



2. From multiple people:

There's this hacker going around that will post pornographic pictures to your gallery/page. Especially of a male's nether regions. So, If he finds that you posted this to a journal or your page he'll know you know what's going on and won't hack you. Please repost this for your safety! I don't want all you getting hacked, etc.!!!

better safe then sorry

It seems this kind of thing is still going on. No surprises there. =/ Keep safe, guys! 

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